Toyota Danmark and its independent dealers sells about 15,000 new cars every year and is consistently among the top 5 best selling car brands in Denmark.


Toyota Danmark wanted to empower their local dealers to perform local marketing in a safe environment without compromising the Toyota brand.

Toyota needed an online platform where dealers easily could create localized online marketing content to support their local sales activities such as open houses, new car premieres etc.

In addition, Toyota Danmark wanted a website that ensured optimal recognition amongst their target groups and optimal viewing across all platforms and devices.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution allows the dealers through individual sub sites to promote their dealerships locally with news, events, open houses etc. Toyota Danmark on the other hand can update all local sub sites with content such as campaigns, price lists etc. in order to apply with national marketing campaigns etc. This way, centralized campaigns can be carried out as well as local campaigns initiated by the individual dealers. In addition, each dealer has the option of promotion his or her selection of used cars on their sub site.

The solution was not only to benefit customers, but very much also the dealers, giving them economies of scale in form of smaller start-up costs, and less maintenance, development and operation costs. Another plus for the dealers is that they always know their sites are up to date because Toyota Danmark continually supplies them with the newest marketing content – the only thing they have to focus on is their own local marketing efforts.


Economies of scale have been achieved for the local dealers regarding development and operation costs. The new Dynamicweb solution empowers the local dealers to create a strong online presence as well as in their local area. In addition it is now possible to increase the dealers’ online presence by adding their selection of used cars on their local site. The dealers are satisfied with their new platform and a learning community for the dealers has also been established to further develop their online qualifications and learn more about their local target groups. All of this in order to improve interaction with customers.
"We needed a solution to support sales and marketing for our local dealers and to ease our routines significantly. With Dynamicweb we have created the perfect solution, enabling us to both do centralized marketing and empowering the local dealers to initiate local marketing efforts."
- Toyota
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Buchs A/S

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