Target United

Since its inception in 1983, Target United AS has become one of Norway's leading companies in the import and distribution of audio & video products as well as electrical household items. Until 2016, the company was only a distributor of goods to stores, specialist retailers and online stores across the country, but in 2016 they also opened for direct sales.


Target United is a company with many different products and varieties, which are sold both directly to consumers, but also via other stores. With such a large network, so many customers, and so many products, they had a challenge in handling all product data, as well as creating easy navigation for both B2C and B2B customers. In addition to the many products, most also have several variants that were also difficult to navigate between.

Finally, Target United wanted a solution that included newsletters, so that they could keep both consumers and other customers engaged and updated on products, variants, and other exciting news that happened at Target.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium Solution Partner, Mennt, has created a completely new solution for Target. Built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform with live integration to their ERP system, Dynamics NAV, the online store now always has updated prices and stock status. The new online store also comes with good filters and clear variant handling. The solution has a built-in PIM system which means that Target now has full control and a good overview of all product data and the different variants.

The new solution also includes a digital marketing module that allows Target to now send out newsletters to all its stakeholders, and can easily segment and send only to some specific target groups.


With the new platform from Dynamicweb, Target United now has a good overview of all its products and variants, as well as always updated and correct product information on its website, thanks to their new PIM system.

Many newsletters have been sent out, both to consumers and shops, which has increased both customer satisfaction and commitment.
Target United
Target United
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