The Lorenz Corporation

The Lorenz Corporation was founded in 1890 as a publishing company producing music for the small, untrained church choir. Today, Lorenz Corporation publishes, prints, and distributes sheet music products for churches and schools.


The Lorenz Corporation had two solutions in place including a home-grown system and another open-source. The integration with their ERP lacked reliability and scalability. They could not find a suitable solution to improve on the issues with the current setup and turned to Dynamicweb for a fully-integrated solution. The music printing industry has adapted to offering digital content, giving Lorenz the perfect opportunity to shift their digital strategy and lead their competition.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb created a fully-integrated eCommerce website for the Lorenz Corporation. The solution provided the right combination of advanced features and navigable admin-user interface. The first website was launched in 2014 and have since launched two additional websites for other brands within the Lorenz Corporation. In 2020, the Lorenz Corporation launched a new version of their main website with an updated brand image.

The Lorenz Corporation wanted to offer a strong user experience to their customers navigating the website. They have taken full advantage of the facet functionality in Dynamicweb to give users the ability to filter through thousands of SKUs. Users can also see composer information in search results which gives them a preferred way to see products, pages and writers in the same view.

Digital content has become increasingly more important for their industry. The Lorenz Corporation has implemented digital product sales and downloads through Dynamicweb to provide their customers with the ability to buy their products online and have the files within minutes.


With more businesses shifting to digital, the Lorenz Corporation needed to adapt their business model. Providing a strong user experience on a modern platform has cemented the Lorenz Corporation as a leader in their industry. The integration to Dynamics AX with Dynamicweb saves the time equivalent of 1-2 full-time roles per year and the overall cost of ownership has provided much better value to the Lorenz Corporation than previous solutions. Digital products are now a growing segment of their sales, and are expected to continue expanding alongside the worldwide shift to eCommerce.
Reiff Lorenz, CEO, The Lorenz Corporation
"The Dynamicweb team is terrific! Straightforward communication and well organized."
- Reiff Lorenz, CEO, The Lorenz Corporation
The Lorenz Corporation
The Lorenz Corporation
Dayton, Ohio
B2C, B2B, CMS, Marketing, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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