KOKS Group

The family business KOKS Group was founded in 1989 and then focused on the industrial cleaning industry. KOKS now consists of five specialized companies and two participations in rental companies in the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic. KOKS Group has around 250 employees and is among the top 3 in the field of sales and production of special equipment.


KOKS Group is a dynamic manufacturer and supplier of special equipment and has been a reliable partner for the industrial sector, the sewer cleaning industry, private (cleaning) companies, the rail sector, transport companies, road builders, municipalities and governments for more than 25 years.

KOKS Group has the ambition to become a market leader, which as a producer and supplier can provide its target group with total solutions and thus "relieve" them completely.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Bluedesk has helped KOKS Group realize this ambition by further developing the online strategy and raising the current online basis to a higher level.

A multi-site platform has been set up that offers scalability in; business units (sites, communications, product range), countries/regions/languages and which grafts into the different target groups, without losing sight of the recognisability of the corporate division.

For this purpose Dynamicweb was used, a platform that is excellent for targeting and reaching target groups, provides information from the platform and can proactively provide information to users through the marketing module. Through a MijnKoks environment, information that only applies to specific users (groups) can be shared and hidden for the rest of the world.


The end product is under construction from the customer's perspective. All facilities to support Koks Group's presence are present. By using this principle, the customer can make the transition from the old to the new situation step by step and at his own pace.

The platform also offers room for expansion from the functionalities that Dynamicweb offers, as well as any custom work that can be built by Bluedesk.
KOKS Group
KOKS Group
the Netherlands
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