A modern online extension for the activities on the soccer field.


Telstar has been using an outdated Wordpress environment for a long time. However, this did not work properly (anymore) - management and maintenance was extremely time-consuming and required many manual actions. The Wordpress environment was due for an upgrade and the choice fell on a solution with CMS and Ecommerce combined in one to save time and money.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Telstar is the soccer club with tough men and strong women. They go by the name de Witte Leeuwen. The club is characterized by its uniqueness and solidarity. Nothing is more important than the club and anyone with a good heart is welcome.

In recent months, Bluedesk has worked hard to develop a new website together with the people of SC Telstar. A website in which everything from and about SC Telstar has been given its own place. So you will find everything concerning SC Telstar under one roof.

The new website is a 'CaaS product'. CaaS is a Bluedesk product that completely relieves you of your worries for a fixed price per month in terms of technology, service, further development and marketing!


A new website with a webshop that meets modern requirements! That was Telstar's wish. Bluedesk was able to achieve this within two months through CaaS. The various target groups of Telstar have been taken into account. The website is not only aimed at fans but also at the business market!

By keeping Ecommerce, CMS and Marketing under one roof, communication to the customer is much more effective than before. For example, the data from the e-commerce module can be reused in email marketing and vice versa.

In addition, the webshop has been given a new look so that all supporters, national and international, can make their 'Witte Leeuwen' heart beat faster and can provide themselves with fantastic merchandise.
B2C, Retail
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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