Ege Carpets

An aesthetical webshop to inspire and educate customers


Ege Carpets had a lot of challenges with their old webshop.

Previously, when Ege Carpets were to launch a new carpet assortment, they gave the new products a web code the day before the launching date. That meant they were not able to enrich their products with descriptions and pictures until after all the products were launched. It made it difficult for them to launch a carpet collection with all the right product information at the right time. Often it took multiple days before the new collection was completely updated with the right data.

Since Ege Carpets was established in 1938, sustainability has been an essential part of the production of carpets. They wanted a webshop where they could unite all the stories with sustainability with the products.

Meet Janis Pilgaard, who talks about their new website project:

Ege Carpets' target group are mainly architects and designers who work on large B2B projects within hospitalities, offices, cruise ships, and retail. They are very visual minded and know everything about the newest trends within materials, patterns, and colors. Ege Carpets wanted to inspire and educate its customers and needed a new website to do so.

Earlier, when a customer ordered a physical swatch, it could take days before the secretariat treated the order and forwarded it to the right salesperson. It was a big wish to make that process more efficient.

To meet their customers' demands, they hired Novicell to make a customer analysis to figure out the target groups' needs.

Dynamicweb as a solution

After a thorough analysis, Ege Carpet chose Dynamicweb to deliver its new web solution with a CMS, a PIM system. and a seamless ERP integration as main motivators. The solution meets Ege Carpets customers' needs for an aesthetic and inspiring website and the design is customized personally to Ege Carpets' wishes.

Dynamicweb PIM made it easy for Ege Carpets to create, maintain, and update their content. With extra filtering options on every product, it has never been easier for their customers to find the perfect product that suits their projects.

The new website contains a lot of forms to quickly get in touch with a salesperson. As soon as a form or a sample is submitted the responsible salesperson gets notified. It makes the customer experience much more efficient, smooth and better.

With Dynamicweb PIM, the internal workflow around launching a new product collection has never been easier. Now, it is possible to give all the products a web code in the ERP weeks before the launching date. As soon as the products have a web code the products will automatically be available in the PIM system. When the products are in the PIM-system, Ege Carpets deactivates the new products and uses the weeks up to the launching date to enrich all the products with pictures and descriptions. Now, on the launching day, they are ready to activate the new collection that is completely updated with the right product data.

Today, sustainability is much more visible and integrated on the webshop. Ege Carpets has created sustainability stories that is connected to relevant products. In that way, the stories are accessible to the customer, and one of Ege Carpets’ most important values is now visible all over the website.


The website is the most lead generating tool they have. In only three months, it generated over 1600 relevant leads to the sales department. Besides, Ege Carpets customer database is increased by 6%.

One of the most important KPIs for the website was to increase the orders of physical samples. In only four months, clicks to that particular site increased with 250%.

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Ege Carpets
Ege Carpets
Industrivej Nord 25, 7400 Herning, Denmark
B2B, CMS, PIM, Manufacturing

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