H. Jessen Jürgensen, Aircon Teknik, Armadan and BKF-Klima

distribute cooling systems, air conditioning and heat pumps B2B.


Ecommerce solution for 4 businesses.

Four businesses under the swedish group Beijer Ref all needed new Ecommerce solutions. H. Jessen Jürgensen, Aircon Teknik, Armadan and BKF-Klima all distribute cooling systems, air conditioning and heat pumps in the B2B market. So, their needs for new Ecommerce solutions were related, and they wanted to take advantage of the obvious opportunity for scale.

At the group level, it had been decided to use MeDaPro as a PIM system, and all four businesses already used the ERP system AX – so both PIM and ERP were already settled.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb Rapido with integration to PIM.

Several of the businesses had already had good experiences with Dynamicweb, so it was an obvious choice for CMS system. The standard Ecommerce solution from Dynamicweb turned out to cover the needs of all the businesses, including integration to AX.

Twins developed a few special elements and configured example pages. Based on this, the four businesses have built their own sites.

Product pages and overviews are automatically generated with product data from the PIM system. Twins has developed a special web service to import data from the four businesses' individually configured PIM systems.

All four websites are in the same Dynamicweb solution. Therefore, integration and special development has only been done once. This is another place where they have taken advantage of the scale of developing four solutions simultaneously.


Increased sales and increased self service.

The four businesses have updated their digital presence to reflect the modern businesses they are.

Better product search with free text search and filters has made it easier for the customers to find the relevant products, and detailed product presentations has made it easier to choose the right product. Additionally, the customers have got a new place to see order status, order history, the opportunity to dig up old invoices, et cetera.

This has increased the online sales. At the same time, the new solution has freed up time for the employees to, little by little, begin to take advantage of the marketing functions that come with the Dynamicweb platform.

The first two solutions are already live at www.hjj.dk and www.airconteknik.dk.
Beijer Ref
Beijer Ref
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