An AX integrated Dynamicweb All-in-One solutions enables consistency and scalability


Eldorado got an analysis to identify their biggest challenges. The largest issues were regarding their product master data and their old ecommerce solution. Eldorado had to futureproof their business with an ERP integrated ecommerce platform to get full control of the product data with a single source of truth. Eldorado has two business areas:

- Eldorado: Traditional sales to pet shops with A-brands to pets.
- Catago: Industry-specific sales to the horseback riding segment.

Both business areas needed a more modern web solution to meet the expectations of their customers in terms of delivering an intuitive and user-friendly webshop. But the two websites also had to contain the different needs of the two target groups, for example, with filtering options to find the right products, approach to the product range, and relevant additional sales opportunities.

To meet both businesses the design of the new ecommerce solution was a significant parameter. They needed different brand identities and designs to satisfy the target group's visual and functionality needs.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Eldorado chose Dynamicweb’s All-in-One Platform that contains Ecommerce, CMS, PIM, and Digital Marketing. The solution must solve their largest issues regarding their product master data and the integration between their ERP system, Dynamics AX, and Dynamicweb.

The business logic was built and maintained in Dynamics AX to keep all their product master data in one place. Today all the data is well-defined and consistent in their Dynamics AX ERP system that is closely integrated with their Dynamicweb B2B webshop.

Eldorado’s new web solution is built to handle multiple brands and webshops in different languages in one solution. Their solution is based on a configurable design to make it is easy for Eldorado’s web editors to create new branding sites, content, and webshops in unique looks without any help from their partner, Co3. They can reuse templates, products, and content.


Edorado has saved both time and money bby collecting and handling all product master data and functions in one platform. They also experienced a bunch of benefits, like:

- Backend users only need to get to know one system. They do not need to copy/paste all the content and texts between systems
- They avoid any expenses regarding third-party systems and associated integrations
- One united user database with all data on customers they can use in automated campaigns. In that way, they can create additional sales

Eldorado made significant savings with the new opportunity to offer self-service on the B2B webshop. It makes it possible for Eldorado to focus on expanding their business and raise their expectations, for example, to prepare the platform for a future B2C website.

About Eldorado
Eldorado is a Danish family-owned company that opened its first physical pet shop in 1963. In 1983 the family-owned business chose to close their physical shops and focus on distribution. Today, the company has a range of brands that sell worldwide. Eldorado's mainly sells equipment with the horseback riding segment.
Eldorado A/S
Eldorado A/S
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