Brand new e-commerce and PIM system to simplify work processes and streamline workflow.


Storcash is Norway's largest cash & carry wholesaler, only for the professional market. Storcash offers a selection that meets all needs and they facilitate all their customers in grocery, home delivery, restaurants, cafes, catering, fast food, kiosks, organizations, teams & associations and various public sectors.

As one of Norway's largest wholesalers in the professional market, it is absolutely crucial for Storcash to have a well-functioning, modern and user-friendly solution. Today's solution does not cover these needs, so it is therefore necessary for Storcash to switch to a new system.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new solution for Storcash is built on Dynamicweb, in collaboration with our partner Advania. The solution is an e-commerce solution with associated PIM system. This solution means that Storcash's customers can now order directly on their website, where they can access all products and all information about the various products, as well as customer-specific prices and discounts.

In addition, customers get their own accounts with Storcash, which means that they can easily log in and get a full overview of their own customer history. Here they have access to see previous orders, invoices and other information Storcash has about the specific customer. This makes customer follow-up easier and less time-consuming for Storcash, at the same time as the orders arrive automatically and reduces manual work processes to complete an order. Customers can also re-order previous orders with a single mouse click.


The new solution means that both Storcash and their customers simplify the ordering process. In addition, the workflow is streamlined for both parties. The order portal means that customers now have more overview of their own profile at Storcash, and can easily go in and change their own information. In addition, they can retrieve previous orders and invoices with just a mouse click.
B2B, PIM, Distribution

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