Three different webshops, two separate PIM warehouses and three languages – all within the same web solution.


In 2018, Lauridsen made a new strategy with three must-win battles. They wanted to increase their revenue, increase the customer satisfaction, and increase the employee satisfaction.

At the time, they had an outdated web solution with a time-consuming workflow around product data. Additionally, they wanted to expand their business to the Polish market, where they had already built their own production company called Lauridsen Solutions.

So, they decided to look for a new web solution that would allow them to scale their business and provide better customer experiences.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Lauridsen now has a single Dynamicweb solution, developed by our partner No Zebra, with three different webshops, two different PIM warehouses and three languages – all within the same solution.

With the new PIM system, all product data is handled in a single, efficient system, which has made it easy to handle 5.000 product numbers. Another PIM advantage is that the time-to-market is quick, and Lauridsen can now create, update and translate product data with just a few clicks. The time from product idea to product launch is short – both in Denmark and in Poland.

There is now a tight integration between their ERP system and their web solution. The three webshops now also have a login function that shows customers individual prices based on data from Lauridsen's ERP system, Visma Business.

All three webshops are in a responsive design, which was important for the customer experience. Lauridsen has many different target groups, and for installers, it is important that they can find the documentation and guidance they need, even when they are standing in a well with their smartphone.


Thanks to the PIM system and ERP integration, Lauridsen are now spending less time on manual data processes and more time on creating value for the business. Website traffic has increased on all three webshops, most notably by more than 300% on

In terms of the three must-win battles: Since many workflows have been automated and improved, Lauridsen sees an increased employee satisfaction. They are getting positive feedback from their customers, and the revenue has increased across the organization.

You can see the three webshops here:

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Daniel Blicher Lauridsen, Marketing Project Manager, Lauridsen
"We now have a single solution with two PIM warehouses and three webshops. Every system talks together, and it's very important to me that I only have to control all the different companies in one place."
- Daniel Blicher Lauridsen, Marketing Project Manager, Lauridsen
Varde, Denmark
B2B, CMS, PIM, Distribution, Visma
No Zebra ApS

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