Flying Tiger

Simplification of a purchasing system with 25,000 products for 900 stores


Flying Tiger, which is a fun-shopping-concept, has over 900 physical stores worldwide. Each of these order goods through Flying Tiger Copenhagen's internal purchasing system. The purchasing system is therefore an indispensable tool in daily operations, which is why stability, functionality and speed are a must. Flying Tiger Copenhagen therefore needs a purchasing system that can save employees’ time and make ordering new goods easier, more simple and more transparent.

As a consequence there was a strong desire to optimize the internal purchasing system.

The requirement for a new partner was a strong technical profile that could fulfill the task of both servicing and further developing the comprehensive purchasing system with many complicated integrations. And at the same time, the ease of use should give a boost so that all store employees, regardless of age and nationality, could easily and quickly operate the new purchasing system. Here the choice fell on SMARTPAGE.

Dynamicweb as a solution

When SMARTPAGE took over the solution, the task was to immediately improve the platform's stability and performance. After that, the entire site had to be raised to a more user-friendly and functional solution resulting in the following solutions:

o Individual store employees are greeted by their own dashboard with information about each store. This means that the purchasing responsibles from eg. Copenhagen or London are not shown the same information, as they are associated with different warehouses.
o Personalized dashboards that allowed them to personalize content based on data
o Notifications to ensure user attention: Previously, the employees did not read the broadcasted news. Now, there is a news box on the front page that notifies the employee of unread news
o Ability to send out operational messages: important operational messages now come out as alerts in the form of a red bar at the top of the store, and they can control the text and its duration themselves.
o Quick printing of labels: labels, such as price tags, can now in an easy manner be printed by the user. Users can search through the search tools for the products on which they lack price tags, and during the whole process there is the possibility to add additional products.
o Advanced filtering and search options: - With over 25,000 products, an advanced search system was needed - On the frontpage, the user can now search for products via an extended 'type-a-head' search feature that shows the products simultaneously as the user writes - Next to the suggested products the relevant categories are depicted. For example, if the user has searched for placemats, the 'home' category appears on the left. Each product also displays product data - such as stock status, image, etc. for each product - Under 'products' the user finds a top filtering that depicts the table of the various product data in a clear way. The filtering here allows the user to compile different searches - such as jewelry and chocolate - after which all products within each of these areas are displayed. - The user can also search for top-categories / groups such as kitchen utensils, toys, holiday (Christmas) and the like. This search filtering allows you to get very far in the search.


Speed has been at the forefront throughout the entire development. It was important that the solution was quick and thus saved unnecessary waiting time for all employees. Consequently, the product data is now preloaded. This means that while the user is looking at the first results, the next page loads automatically, so that when the user clicks “next”, the page immediately appears. Therefore, there is no latency on the user's call, despite a product range including more than 25,000 products.

The solution is custom-made and based solely on the Flying Tiger Copenhagen identity. Everything is carefully considered. This means, among other things, that all icons on the site are hand-picked to match each other and the identity of Flying Tiger Copenhagen. These icons are all in SVG, which makes the solution faster and sharper. Consequently, transferring the iconic identify of Flying Tiger provides an aesthetic and user-friendly expression.
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
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