New Feet

New website with PIM and integration to support retailers with self-service portals.


As 100% dealer-based, New Feet is focused on both customers and partners. But with two annual and large collections, the time had come for the 7 year old website to be upgraded.

New Feet wanted an upgrade with a focus on both branding and dealer and reseller support.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The Dynamicweb eCommerce suite with integrated PIM became the solution. New Feet now has a complete branding site with dealer and reseller support via data warehouse, where the individual stores also have the opportunity to log in and access all product data and marketing data. Self-service is a valuable asset to their new solution that benefits both New Feet and certainly their partner network.

The solution is also prepared for launching new webshops in specific markets via ERP integration.


The structure of Dynamicweb gives New Feet the opportunity to get an overview of the large product range, and it has also made the process easier for their dealers and resellers. The all-in-one eCommerce Suite solution empowers the individual store via data warehouse based on PIM to log in and get access all product data and marketing materials - less administrative work, and faster service when retailers need it, are some of the obvious benefits.

New Feet
New Feet
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