Norsk Stål AS

Norsk Stål AS produces and distributes steel and other metals to companies in the Norwegian market. The company has existed since 1823, and today has approx. 300 employees in several places. With 4,500 different products in stock, the company is a leader in its industry. Norsk Stål AS aims to help customers increase both competitiveness and earnings.


Norsk Stål AS has always been a traditional business, where all sales to customers have taken place via telephone and e-mail to a number of salespeople. These manual processes are both time-consuming and resource-intensive, and meant that Norsk Stål's customers often had to wait a long time to receive confirmation of their orders, as well as help finding the right item. In addition, Norsk Stål has 4,500 different products, and it was difficult to have control over all product data for specific products. When product data had to be updated, it had to be changed in several systems.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium Solution Partner, Solteq, has built the new solution for Norsk Stål. With a completely new all-in-one platform with PIM system from Dynamicweb, Norsk Stål now has full control over customer inquiries, and can help its customers much more efficiently. With the new PIM system, they now also have full control over all products, and the associated product data. It is now much easier for Norsk Stål to add data sheets, operating instructions, drawings, etc. to specific products. With live integration from the ERP system and the PIM system directly into the platform, the product data is now updated simultaneously, and only needs to be done once.


The new solution for Norsk Stål has given them full control over all its product data and helps them service their customer more effectively and precisely. To ensure the platform is constantly running smoothly, Norsk Stål AS has hired a long line of employees that specializes in eCommerce. They continuously update their ERP system Navision so that all information given to Dynamicweb is correct and updated.
"“As a vendor of steel and other metals for ships, the building industry, and the mechanical industry we want to serve our customers the best way. With Dynamicweb’s eCommerce solution we have the possibility to offer our customers a unique platform that allows us to optimize and meet the ever-changing demands in the market”"
- Prosjektleder i Norsk Stål AS, Kristian Fjägesund
Norsk Stål AS
Norsk Stål AS
B2B, CMS, Marketing, PIM, Manufacturing, Dynamics NAV
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