Tingstad is one of Norway's largest specialists in fastening technology and gaskets. The company started as a ship trade in 1884. Tingstad has a turnover of NOK 2.6 billion a year. Finally, they have got an online store that is in the style of sales.


Old online store made it necessary to renew
Tingstad had long used an older online store, where neither the user-friendliness nor the functionality met the standards of today. As a result, only five percent of sales went through the online store.

At the beginning of 2020, they therefore began to look for an e-commerce provider that could take them on a digital transformation journey, and provide them with a new, complete e-commerce solution that was specially adapted for B2B.

- We have always worked with many different IT suppliers, since we have always been an IT-intensive company, with many systems for different processes. This time it was important for us to start a long-term collaboration with a new supplier, which we believe in well into the digitalized future. We spent a lot of time and evaluated many suppliers, before we chose Degree, says Arne Nafstad IT manager in Tingstad.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The start of a new collaboration - the insight phase
A new e-commerce solution and implementation of PIM was just one part of what Tingstad was looking for. They also wanted to work with a supplier who performed an analysis of their entire value chain, based on their goals and target groups for the business. Tingstad's owners naturally expected a positive ROI for their investments.

- Everyone who has been around for a while knows that it is about much more than just systems. Success can easily be lacking if the will to change is not followed up organizationally and other important success factors for success. Degree had the necessary approach, says Nafstad.

The insight phase therefore kick-started with a larger internal workshop, interviews of employees and selected customers, and ended with a presentation of the findings and solution proposals. A strong project group from Tingstad, consisting of, among others, project manager, business developer, sales director, IT director, product manager and technical manager, laid a good foundation for the Degree team's further work in the project.

The Road to a Complete New B2B Ecommerce Solution
The first step after the insight phase was to get a complete picture of the specification for the integration. Degree worked closely with technical personnel at Tingstad to specify each API call in Postman, with parameters that provided real test cases. The entire integration could then be tested, and it was verified that the correct data and format were transferred.

When this worked well, Degree was able to proceed with encoding the integration into the Dynamicweb platform itself.

The next step in the project was to find a good process for implementing the new DynamicWeb platform. Then it was essential to be able to reuse as much as possible of existing basic data in ERP, and establish good routines in the PIM work (with enrichment of products and variants) internally at Tingstad.

- The project manager in Degree did a fantastic job of following up and pushing on outstanding activities. There was a good structure and deliveries according to the project plan throughout, says Nafstad.

Many different products required new PIM
Tingstad has a diverse product mix, with a core business of fasteners, packaging and sealing. In addition, they have a lot of tools and accessories. With very many products, it is important not to underestimate the PIM work.

With over 30,000 different item numbers and a desire to complete a first version on a new website, online shopping and PIM in five months, there was no room for error. Work was quickly started to get product data into the PIM, and not least to ensure that the data came in correctly from the outset.

- After many rounds and good advice from PIM resources in Degree, we rejected migration from the old to the new system. We chose to go the hard way of rebuilding the entire PIM database, to get the solution we wanted to publish on e-commerce, says Nafstad.

Close collaboration and good processes
From the very first day of the collaboration, a detailed overview of the scope of delivery was prepared - but demanding times with COVID-19 made it necessary to find good project tools and ways of collaboration. DevOps was therefore chosen as a common project tool.

With DevOps, it became easy to quickly create new large and small tasks, and prioritize them both in list form and on boards. It was important to have a common place where all tasks were entered, where everyone involved in the project could see the status and comment directly on specific issues that needed input from one or more parties.

- We experience this as an important tool for constantly being able to assess the status and progress of a project. The vast majority of meetings were held at Teams from many different locations, which we experienced as time-saving and efficient, says Nafstad.

Good shopping experiences for Tingstad's customers
When the integration and PIM process had got off to a good start, the focus shifted to putting in place tailor-made adaptations and flow in the purchasing process in the new online store.

- It is important, for example, that the correct information appears in the right place, and that search and navigation work well for the various B2B customer groups. The shopping cart must be clear and easy to edit, and check-out and order processing must be easy and user-friendly, says Marius Lian, advisor at Degree.

Much of the foundation for good customer experiences was laid already in the insight phase, where wishes and expectations for the purchasing process were mapped, through interviews with the various customer groups at Tingstad.

In addition, small versions were posted available in the test environment along the way, for stakeholders at Tingstad, so that it became possible to adjust along the way.


Launch of new e-commerce
In November 2020, the first version of the new online store was launched. To reduce risk, the launch was carried out gradually. We published a version at a temporary secret URL that was linked to the production backend, where many internal tests were run. Here, some selected end customers were invited to make real purchases, with subsequent adjustments based on their experiences.

The number of customers then increased gradually, which resulted in a good capacity to handle feedback, assess changes and make small adjustments.

The next step in the collaboration between Tingstad and Degree is to start up campaigns and specify the next phase based on feedback and lessons learned from phase one.

- Degree created expectations for the e-commerce project with Tingstad, and they met them by delivering good user experiences. The team at Degree has a genuine responsibility to deliver what Tingstad has ordered. We are very pleased with the choice of supplier and look forward to the continuation of our collaboration, Nafstad concludes.
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