Merrild Lavazza

Merrild Lavazza Denmark ApS is the coffee company with two strong coffee brands in Denmark: Merrild and Lavazza. The company's product range includes coffee, cocoa, tea, milk powder, sweets, POS materials and a wide variety of professional coffee machines for offices, canteens, hotels, cafes and restaurants.


The coffee company Merrild Lavazza has only about 130 products in its range at present. However, the amount of product information is extremely extensive. While each coffee type requires data on bean type, degree of roasting, grind, aroma, taste description, certifications, etc., there are even more data and documentation requirements when it comes to cocoa and powdered milk. At the same time, the numerous coffee machines each require their own individual set of product data.

Previously, Merrild Lavazza stored product data in brochures, PowerPoint presentations, PDF files and in the ERP system, and the many data sources made it difficult to find the latest updates. Many employees spent time gathering product information, but nobody had the full picture.

Dynamicweb as a solution

When Merrild Lavazza was planning a new website based on the Dynamicweb platform, it was decided to take control of product information once and for all with a PIM system.

The full integration between PIM, Dynamicweb, and the ERP system (Microsoft XAL) ensures that product data is now maintained in only one place: PIM.

When new products are to be created in PIM, all the necessary fields are already defined in advance. This means that Merrild Lavazza now has full overview of the product data to be obtained before a product is completely ready for presentation on the website. The employees can complete missing data along the way, so PIM also serves as a “working document”.

Product data on discontinued products are stored in PIM, too. Consequently, these products can be displayed on the website again in an instant if a supplier has a surplus stock. In addition, seasonal goods can be shown on the website and removed again in no time when the season is over. All product data is gathered in PIM and nothing disappears, but can be accessed at any time.


Today, PIM delivers all data to the food service section of Merrild Lavazza’s website. In the future, a sales handbook, price lists, product brochures and an online shop based on the Dynamicweb platform will pull product information directly from PIM well.

The first new project is to give Sales the ability to retrieve product data for offers directly from PIM via a fixed template. With this template, the sales representatives can gather all necessary data instantaneously and reduce the time wasted on administration. The time saved can be spent with the customers instead.

Merrild Lavazza’s future shift to a new SAP-based ERP system will proceed smoothly since Dynamicweb and PIM also works 100% together with SAP.

Merrild Lavazza
Merrild Lavazza
B2B, PIM, Distribution, Dynamics AX

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