JMP Equipment Company

The JMP Equipment Company provides engineered products and solutions for energy efficient systems that maximize the productivity of people and buildings. Solutions include HVAC and energy-efficient water, steam and condensate systems.


JMP had a vision to lead their industry with modern customer experiences and more efficient, online purchasing options. One of their main goals was to expose their 50+ product lines online, which proved a challenging task with their high complexity, variations and customizability. Their initial eCommerce solution didn't achieve the results they were hoping for, with challenges in their eCommerce and ERP integration that led to pricing inaccuracies, manual processes, and other errors that needed constant correcting. The poor usability of the platform led to low confidence and little buy-in from both internal and external teams.

While working with ArganoArbela on their larger digital transformation, which included Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement, Dynamicweb was brought into the conversation as the answer to their complex eCommerce integration requirements. With additional strategic planning between teams at JMP, ArganoArbela and Dynamicweb, it was agreed that their eCommerce initiative would be incorporated and delivered alongside their larger vision for digital transformation. Dynamicweb was selected for its experience in complex B2B industries like equipment, which often have more integration and customization requirements to achieve eCommerce automation.

Dynamicweb as a solution

JMP Equipment Company chose Dynamicweb for a number of reasons. Their top priority was to address the integration requirements between the eCommerce environment and their Dynamics 365 solutions. Another goal was to expose the right products online to the right customers while setting the foundation to support the ability for users to configure their most complex and customizable products in the future as part of their digital roadmap. To achieve this, they needed a solution that could accommodate their hefty product data online and pull in the business logic from their ERP.

Having delivered numerous successful eCommerce projects together, ArganoArbela recommended Dynamicweb for its robust platform, which includes a full Product Information Management (PIM) solution, and the ability to integrate with virtual any data point in the ERP and CRM.


JMP now has a fully-functioning B2B eCommerce website with their most complex product lines exposed for customers to research and place orders. Their eCommerce site is tightly-integrated with their ERP, resolving the challenges they had with their previous eCommerce platform and enabling orders, pricing, product information and more to flow seamlessly between systems. The eCommerce solution has been embraced at all levels of the organization, including sales, and is a core component to their long-term digital strategy.


• B2B eCommerce for HVAC equipment
• 50+ complex product lines
• Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Customer Engagement

JMP Equipment Company
JMP Equipment Company
Greensboro, NC, USA
B2B, CMS, PIM, Distribution, D365

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