45% more turnover by replatforming from Magento 1 to Dynamicweb

Ongediertewinkel.nl/Ungeziefershop.de is the online authority in the field of pest control in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria


The Ongediertewinkel webshop operated on Magento 1 for years. Because the support from Magento for Magento 1 platforms stops, it was necessary to look for a new online platform.

The customer's wish was clear: an all-in-one platform, no hassle and one point of contact for all online operations. In other words: CAAS - All-in-one ecommerce for a fixed price per month from Bluedesk.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Within just two months, Bluedesk has created a completely new e-commerce platform for Ongediertewinkel in which technology, marketing, further development & support have been combined into one valuable solution.

The all-in-one platform based on Dynamicweb is equipped with best practices and proven market standards.

In addition to the Dutch market, Ongediertewinkel is also active in Belgium, Germany and Austria. The German target group is served by the domain ungeziefershop.de. These two languages can be perfectly mastered from Dynamicweb. This way Ongediertewinkel can work efficiently and quickly.


Thanks to good and intensive monitoring, Bluedesk was able to map the visitor behavior of Ongediertewinkel and respond to this in the new environment.

The new webshop immediately resulted in more turnover. On March 3, 2020, the new Ongediertewinkel webshop went live. The results were already visible one month later:

💰 45% more turnover
📈 54% more interactions

Ongediertewinkel now uses a complete all-in-one solution based on the Dynamicweb platform and is completely unburdened by Bluedesk in the areas of marketing, technology, design and service.
"With CaaS there is much more possible now, all small things that make the difference. For example, we can now add specifications to products, it is possible to add elements to SEO pages ourselves and we can now show three USPs per product."
- Roy Rijkers - Owner Ongediertewinkel
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany & Austria
B2C, CMS, Marketing, Retail
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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