XL Bygg Eidsvoll

XL BYGG is Scandinavia's largest construction product chain. As a player in the building materials industry, the chain was founded in Hamar in 1994. At that time under the name Byggevarekjeden, which four years later was replaced by the name Byggkjøp.


XL Bygg Eidsvoll struggled with a slow ecommerce that did not show all the products on the website, nor the associated prices. In addition, they had a slow system that made many mistakes, and some orders were lost along the way.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our partner, EG, has created the new ecommerce for XL Bygg Eidsvoll. The platform is built on Dynamicweb All-in-One and has helped XL Bygg Eidsvoll have a much better control over their products and prices. In addition, it is easier for all their customers, both professionals and consumers, to navigate the website. The new platform makes it easier for XL Bygg Eidsvoll to change / add new items, as well as add discounts and change prices. In addition, they have a full overview of all activities that takes place on their website.


The new ecommerce has helped XL Bygg Eidsvoll with increased customer loyalty and at the same time it has helped to increase the profit of XL Bygg Eidsvoll by NOK 1 million.
""The ecommerce that we have developed in collaboration with EG Norway has given us increased customer loyalty. Previously, we often had incorrect prices, and forgot to invoice for goods, because the old system lost orders and had several sources of error. When we got our new IT-solution from EG Norway, we increased our results by more than NOK 1 million. ""
- Gjert Klokkerhaug, General Manager
XL Bygg Eidsvoll
XL Bygg Eidsvoll
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