Fritzøe Engros AS carries Norway's widest range of wood-based board products, solid wood floors, terraces and quality timber. Fritzøe Engros AS works mainly in two segments; the retail market and industry.


Fritzøe Engros has long needed to modernize its B2B ordering solution. They have previously used e-mail, telephone and fax to receive orders, but this is time consuming and increases the likelihood of making mistakes. In addition, their website was outdated and did not match the quality of the goods Fritzøe produces and delivers. They therefore also needed an upgrade of the digital presence.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Fritzøe Engros chose to go for Dynamicweb's All-in-One platform with built-in PIM, CMS and B2B ordering portal. This means that they can now easily create websites with visually beautiful images, texts, videos and informative text. It is also not difficult to change images or text, to always have updated and correct information on the pages.

The ordering portal has also helped Fritzøe, as customers no longer need to call or send mail to order goods, but can easily log in to order. Here they will also get customer-specific prices and assortment, so that they only order the items that are relevant to them. They can also place recurring orders, re-order previous orders with a click, view previous invoices and credit notes, and can make changes to their own customer information.

With a built-in PIM system, Fritzøe can now easily keep the order portal updated at all times, as they use PIM as a centralized system with all product data. Excel sheets are no longer required to update product data, and all relevant departments have access to the system so that the right person can enter the correct information.


The new solution for Fritzøe Engros has helped them get a digital and visually attractive website that reflects their quality, as well as a much more efficient order flow that frees up time for employees, so that they can now assist customers on a deeper and more useful level. .
Fritzøe Engros
Fritzøe Engros
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