Clusius College

Clusius College has 8 branches in Noord-Holland. Clusius College provides VMBO and MBO courses in the field of plants, animals, greenery, flowers, styling, entrepreneurship, nutrition, recreation, technology, nature and the environment. Clusius College currently has more than 1500 MBO students, more than 3900 VMBO students and more than 690 employees.


Clusius College is known as a large school in the province of Noord-Holland. With the 8 branches and more than 5500 students it was a challenge for Clusius College to provide all these students with the correct information online.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Bluedesk has helped Clusius College with this by creating a new website. They have delivered an important share with regard to advice, training, supervision and construction. The website uses the Dynamicweb Content Management System.


The collaboration between Clusius College and Bluedesk has resulted in a beautiful website where every student or employee can find their way perfectly. The employees who are responsible for the website of Clusius College have been trained with a Dynamicweb basic training.
Clusius College
Clusius College
the Netherlands
B2C, CMS, Organization
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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