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Byosis stands for practical, feasible and customer specific solutions. Whether the input material is crops, agricultural residues, industrial waste, green waste, sludge, municipal waste or highly contaminated wastewater, Byosis offers solutions to recover the nutrients, remove ammonia and significantly improve the efficiency and capacity of your process.


For a long time, Byosis has been working on an innovative system to recover more nitrogen from the digestate of a bio-fermenter. Nowadays, Byosis' systems are used all over the world for customers who have too much nitrogen in their digestate.

Since the start-up phase, however, the Byosis website has never been thoroughly revised. Maintenance was rarely done and the technology was outdated. To execute the new marketing strategy that Byosis has developed with its partner Inextenzo, a new website was necessary. The new website will form the basis for all marketing activities.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Due to the easy design of the website and the requirements of Byosis, Dynamicweb was chosen in combination with Rapido. As a result, Inextenzo has succeeded in quickly establishing a good, reliable B2B web platform that contains all of the marketing tools that Byosis needs. In the new marketing strategy, Byosis will often make use of specific landing pages and e-mail marketing. In combination with the possibilities for splitting tests, the maximum conversion is achieved.


The result is a new, fresh-looking website for Byosis that forms the basis for all marketing activities. In the past, Byosis has paid little attention to marketing and its follow-up. With the renewed strategy and Dynamicweb as a complete solution, marketing and follow-up with leads and ultimately with customers, can be arranged professionally.
Byosis Group
Byosis Group
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