Unified eCommerce solution for wine & spirits wholesale distributors

Dynamicweb brings your entire digital world into one powerful eCommerce platform, enabling B2B and B2C wine and spirits distributors to deliver multi-channel customer experiences and expand sales with new online channels.

Unlock online wholesale for wine & spirits

Discover the flexible Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite that combines user-friendly design with features that keep up with ever changing market demands. We've identified the top features for wine & spirits distributors: 

Multichannel selling for wine & spirits distribution
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Open new sales channels and increase revenue
Empower customers to browse and place orders at their convenience with a 24/7 storefront and complete visibility into your products and inventory. Provide self-service options so customers can easily re-order, get custom pricing, and manage their account. Reach new customers with an increased digital presence and no geographical barriers.

Product Information Management - PIM - for wine & spirits distributors

Rich product information and recommendations
Manage all your product information in one place and distribute it to multiple websites, catalogs, marketplaces and partners. Provide detailed product pages and empower customers to research and filter products by nearly any detail, like brand, varietal, age, and more.

Integrate eCommerce with ERP for wine & spirits distributors

Integrate with ERP and CRM
Connected systems enable you to support the entire product and customer journey, including production, website, marketing, purchasing, ERP and CRM. Harness the data from the entire customer lifecycle and optimize your operations based on well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Increase sales with promotions and loyalty programs
Harness valuable customer data from eCommerce, ERP and CRM to launch tailored promotions and loyalty programs that increase revenue and improve customer relationships. Hyper-focus your promotions based on data like purchase history, related products, customer spend, loyalty points, and much more.

Expand your wine & spirits sales volume by unlocking the power of eCommerce

Dynamicweb enables deliver modern customer experiences for all devices and channels. It’s user-friendly, flexible, and designed to handle all your wine & distribution requirements, including rich product information management and integration to your inventory and financial systems.

Learn how we help wine & spirits distributors accelerate their digital transformation and unlock new digital sales channels that increase their competitive edge.

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Provide better buying processes for customers

  • Enable customers to shop and buy from you at their convenience with a 24/7 online storefront.
  • Manage multiple websites, brands and channels in one solution
  • Provide wholesale customers with real-time custom pricing and inventory availability
  • Leverage personalized promotions and discounts to increase sales

Manage product data more efficiently

  • Centrally manage all product details in one location, including ABV, vintage, varietal and more
  • Enable easy visibility of your full product catalog with search and filter capabilities
  • Help customers find your products no matter where they're shopping with improved SEO and indexed products
  • Distribute product data to catalogs, marketplaces, content, partners and more
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Stronger Customer Relationships Picture

Build stronger customer relationships

  • Provide tailored promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs
  • Offer "Amazon-level" personalization and service
  • Automate email marketing campaigns to increase engagement and retention
  • Build automated upsell, cross-sell, and product recommendations into customer experiences

Unleash your ERP and automate sales orders

  • Integrate with virtually any ERP and CRM for maximum process efficiency
  • Connect processes and data across inventory, pricing, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, master products, and more
  • Provide customers with self-service portals
  • Gain access to better customer data for strategic decision-making
  • All transactions in Dynamicweb correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP


ERP Picture

The wine distributor's guide to building an omnichannel eCommerce strategy

With eCommerce exploding in the wine retail industry, distributors and wholesalers may be wondering where it fits in for them. Learn how the right eCommerce solution enables wine distributors to customize the sales and marketing journey to specific customer needs, whether it's a B2B, B2C, or a hybrid model.

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Take your wine and spirits sales to next level

As a wine & spirits distributor, your buyers want to browse and place orders at their convenience, whether they're businesses, restaurants or end-consumers. At Dynamicweb, we offer an industry-recognized eCommerce suite built for the wholesalers that expands your sales with a 24/7 storefront.

If your current website has room for improvement, we can help! Contact us today to see how yourr business can create a site that can reach potential customers and turn them into returning customers. 

The Dynamicweb platform empowers you to provide a better commerce experience that also lets you cut down on inefficient administrative tasks. You'll gain benefits such as:

  • Accurate & rich product data
    Show real-time product data from your ERP – no matter the number of SKUs or product variants you sell.
  • Stabile scalability
    Features to improve internal workflows to easily and rapidly to scale your business.
  • Customer empowerment
    Offer customer portals with self-service options that show specific pricings, invoice management, delivery tracking and more.

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