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Integrated eCommerce and CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Unite eCommerce with configure-price-quote (CPQ) with a robust platform supporting B2B and B2C web shops, complex pricing calculation, feature and option compatibility, and rule-based quotes with order automation.

Learn how Dynamicweb + Experlogix empowers customers to create complex orders with ease

Experlogix CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) unites with Dynamicweb to provide a customer-facing, quote-to-order-to-manufacture solution. Harness the power of a true product configurator to deliver complex proposals consisting of thousands of potential product and pricing rules.

With Dynamicweb and Experlogix combined, you can empower manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a truly unified solution capable of uniting offline operations with ecommerce.

Learn how Dynamicweb + Experlogix enables:

  • Omni-channel CPQ & Ecommerce
  • Portals for customers, dealers, and self-service
  • Global selling at scale
  • Intelligent customer targeting
  • Rules-based configuration and ordering
  • Visual and interactive configuration
  • Fully-automated production orders (BOMs, routes)

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Automate Quote-to-Order-to-Manufacture

CPQ + Ecommerce

CPQ + Ecommerce
Get omni-channel ecommerce and marketing integrated with Experlogix CPQ business logic.

More than a shopping cart

More than a shopping cart
Unite your ecommerce, local dealers and store locations with a robust platform supporting global selling, self-service, and content personalization.

Global retail

Global retail made easy
Experlogix and Dynamicweb support your international dealer and retail expansion with local languages, currencies, payments, VAT/Sales Tax and shipping methods.

Improve order conversions

Improve order conversions
Reduce quoting time, improve accuracy and empower dealers and customers to place complex orders through a portal with ease.


Intelligent targeting

Intelligent targeting
Blend ecommerce behavior and physical store data to hyper-focus automated email drip campaigns that increase sales across channels.


Integrate with ERP

Integrate with ERP​
Automate tax calculations, compliance, pricing, distribution, multi-warehouse management, demand planning and more.