Dynamicweb 9.10 launched to future-proof and scale eCommerce

Dynamicweb 9.10 is available today, Jan 27th, 2021, and contains new valuable upgrades across all areas of the platform: eCommerce, PIM, Marketing, and CMS.
Written on 27.01.2021, 10:45
Dynamicweb 9.10 launched to future-proof and scale eCommerce

Dynamicweb, a leading eCommerce, PIM and Digital Experience Platform software provider in the mid-size and enterprise industry, announced today the launch of Dynamicweb 9.10. 

“With 9.10 we pave the way to further future-proof the Dynamicweb platform for ecommerce, product and marketing managers and developers by introducing new, and deepening existing functionalities.” shares Nicolai Pedersen, co-founder and CTO. 

On Feb 9th at 2 PM CET, Nicolai goes live with DW 9.10 Release Webinar. Sign up here →

Creating the foundation for a future-proof platform 

Enter Headless and .NET Standard. To empower Dynamicweb customers and partners in offering the best possible commerce experience we are releasing a new WebAPI which makes it possible to deliver a Headless experience. 

Dynamicweb has moved its core to .NET Standard as a major milestone on our transition to .NET 5 - Microsofts brand new technology. This allows for developers to already target this new technology stack. This technical transformation ensures that organizations buy into a foundation that is future proof and scalable. 

Introducing new and improved functionality 

The latest release of Dynamicweb helps organizations create a better commerce experience, through: 

  • A new GDSN / GS1 connector that makes it possible to fetch product data within the GDSN network 
  • A Significantly improved the Customer Center, driving repeat purchases and self-service 
  • An improved recommendation engine that will push an increase in average shopping cart value and improved the overall commerce experience 

And many more, see the full release notes her.

Further strengthening our Microsoft ERP integrations 

As ERP plays a key role in (B2B) eCommerce, and the deep integration that Dynamicweb has with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions we are introducing the support of OData. This support paves the way to make integration to customized ERP solutions even easier and less resource dependent. 

We upgraded the Dynamicweb Plug-In Unit for Business Central and Finance & Operations following the update schedule of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release 2020. 

Furthermore, we created a new and improved integration plugin for LS Retail Unified Commerce (LS Central) with templates and integration add-ins that allow you to out-of-the-box populate your existing Dynamicweb eCommerce environment with a click of the button. 


Dynamicweb 9.10 is globally available today. As this is a transitional release it is focused on improving and stabilizing existing features while finishing the conversion and refactoring of the core project to future-proof the Dynamicweb technology.  

About Dynamicweb  

Dynamicweb offers a cloud-based Digital Experience Platform. We enable customers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale ecommerce success through our Content Management, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, and Product Information Management solutions.  

Dynamicweb’s 300+ partners, 200+ employees in offices all around the globe are proud to support well over 4.000 brands, which includes leading brands like Lego Wear, Vredestein, Unilever, Winnebago, L’Oréal, Flying Tiger, Toyota, Europcar and Skanska. Built on Dynamicweb, these customers are empowered to gain lifelong customer relations, increase revenue and grow their brands.  

Learn more at Dynamicweb.com.