The Importance of Ecommerce Search

Discover the importance of Ecommerce search and understand why poor search functionality is a conversion killer.

The challenge for modern Ecommerce shops is to understand the behavior of customers during their visit to the website. Is the “search” on your site working well? Do you know if the search results are relevant to your potential customers?
While a lot of your visitors know what they want to buy, you’ll also find some impulsive shoppers among your visitors. Some people got your webshop referred by a friend. Some clicked on a banner, some got a voucher and some are simply comparing products researching your site as well as your competitors. You can support them all on their buyer's journey delivering a good user experience by optimizing your search function and thus increasing sales on your webshop.
30%+ of all visitors use the site search on webshops. These visitors typically convert 1.8x more than those visitors using alternative forms of navigation.

However, visitors who experience negative interactions with search convert significantly less and have a 70% higher abandonment rate on average. 

So, understand what your customers are searching for and easily identify top issues by data mining your customers' behavior on site! To get the behavioral data you need a tracking tool. Our partner, Solteq, has a valuable optimization tool called Deep Vision, which you'll get an introduction to in this webinar.