Reach 2500 marketplaces with Dynamicweb & Channable

Expand your products to 2500 marketplaces with Dynamicweb & Channable

Channable is a software that offers its customers to import their products to more than 2500 marketplaces - for instance, Google shopping, Facebook shopping, Amazon, e-bay, or the like. 

Dynamicweb integrates with Channable meaning you can get your products on new marketplaces in no time. You’ll simply export your product feeds from your Dynamicweb solution and import it to Channable. You won’t get any headache or need to worry about following all rights and requirements on each marketplace – Dynamicweb and Channable cover it all. Together, we simplify your way to new marketplaces.

Nicolai Gosvig, Product Specialist at Dynamicweb, will tell you a lot more about it in this webinar recording. He’ll run through:

  • A short intro to Channable - Explore the many possibilities
  • Why Dynamicweb and Channable? Experience the benefits of Dynamicweb's integration with Channable – reach new marketplaces fast and safe
  • How does it work? Get a live demo and see how easy it is to import your products from Dynamicweb to Channable

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to Nicolai:

Nicolai Gosvig