Shifting gears to drive B2B eCommerce customer adoption

On-demand webinar

So you’ve made the decision to move your business online, or maybe you’ve even implemented your first eCommerce platform. Now what?

Opening an online sales channel is a huge benefit for B2B buyers. But changing old habits can be difficult. How do you get your customers to actually adopt better online purchasing processes?

Watch this on-demand webinar as we discuss tips for solving one of the biggest challenges in the shift to B2B eCommerce: Customer Adoption.

Key webinar take-aways:

  • Removing internal resistance - earning buy-in from sales reps and stakeholders
  • Personal touch - Helping customers facilitate transactions and grow confidence
  • Preferred pricing and incentives for online orders
  • Familiarity - mimicking the B2C purchasing experience
  • Intelligent marketing - hyper-focus your campaigns to non-adopters

Watch the webinar: