3 tips for increasing your sales with a modern online store

The specialized trade sector has always been a competitive market, but in recent years the market has become even more difficult to serve. In today's digital world, your customers have access to all sorts of information about the products you sell, but often they want to buy the products online and not in a physical store.
Written by Dynamicweb on 17.07.2019, 00:00
 3 tips for increasing your sales with a modern online store

With just a few clicks, customers have access to everything they need to know about a product and with services showing the cheapest prices from multiple stores, many professionals have to close their doors.

To survive, it is necessary to have a modern online store that your customers can always find. And, with an online store you have much more options to attract new customers than with a physical store. You can easily transform your online store into a complete portal, which can be your most important asset.

We have collected 3 useful tips to show you why you should have a modern online store.

1. Customer portal and self-service

With an online store you can easily set up a customer portal for your customers where they can log in and order new products, view their order history and become a member of a customer club and thus earn points.

This makes it easier for you to keep track of your customers and to offer them added value when they buy products from you. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time-consuming work, because the ordering process is automated and you no longer have to process every order manually.

By offering customer clubs and loyalty points/discounts, the customer will also become more loyal, because the customer is rewarded for buying from you.

2. Digital Marketing

You can create good marketing campaigns through your online store. You can create automatic newsletters that you send to all your customers, both before and after the purchase. In addition, you can regularly send newsletters with news and relevant offers or automated emails for abandoned shopping carts to remind the customer.

You can also create personalized newsletters that you send to a selected segment, for example based on purchase history and interests.

3. Stand out from your competitors

With a modern online store you have many more options to distinguish yourself from your competition. For example, by using eye-catching colors in your design, adding a chat feature so that customers can contact you at any time or by setting up a unique customer club.

You can also use your online store to position your brand in a way that is different from the competition. You may want to show your customers that you are more quality conscious than your competition or that you have a better loyalty program. Use your online store to display videos and photos that reflect the quality of your brand and products and give the customer the feeling that they need your products to reach their desired situation.

By combining all this, you have a modern online store with which you can expand your reach much better than a physical store could do. If you want to expand your online store to new countries, it is also possible to add different languages ​​and currencies.

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