True Cloud Offering and Monitoring Tool for eCommerce

Focus on your core business knowing that your solution is always running. Deploy in our Cloud and experience the true joy of Dynamicweb taking care of all the technical stuff like hosting, license and monitoring. 

Cloud benefits

Less complexity

Instant notifications

• Dashboard overview for monitoring your solution

• Get notified on specific events by mail

• Filter events on reports for historic data


Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting​

• Ensure your integration to ERP systems runs as expected

• Track the latest errors or schedules tasks

• Easy access logfiles together with events

More than hosting

More than hosting

• Monitor application and integration 

• Scalable licenses and solutions with add-ons

• Streamlined solution handled from one vendor

True Cloud - more than hosting!

Deploying your solution in the Dynamicweb Cloud is the best and most reliable way to optimize your uptime and avoid hiccups.

Traditional hosting options are limited to monitoring the availability of the server, but the Dynamicweb Cloud also monitors the application and integration points. 

This means no more situations where the server is running, but the application is not functional due to errors related to integration tasks, scheduled tasks, indexing, or other related issues.

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No headache

Stop worrying about server specifications, CPU and RAM is a thing of the past – all Cloud licenses and solutions are scalable with add-ons for visitors and data stored. It's instantly deployed and ready to use. 

As your business grows with Dynamicweb Cloud, so does your solution without the need for server changes. 

Single solution and point of contact

A common issue when running software solutions occurs when the different parties involved refuse responsibility for errors because it is not related to their service – leaving you with the headache. 

With Dynamicweb Cloud, you no longer need to deal with being sent from hosting provider to software company and back. Access your software, hosting and monitoring from one vendor with a single point of contact, streamlining your entire solution. 


One-click health overview

Visualize the full performance of your solution with the power of a single click. Use the configurable monitoring dashboard to display relevant information about your solution, integrations, scheduled tasks, etc. 

Instant notifications

Stay on top of performance issues and get instant notifications – sent to the right team member, at the right time to start trouble shooting.


Monitoring Tool - For Dynamicweb Partners

All your clients in one place

All your clients in one place

• Instant and complete overview of your portfolio

• No more loggin into every single client instance

Empower your support team

Empower your support team

• Predictive support and happier clients 

• Find problem and solution before you get an issue ticket

Detailed error overview

Detailed error overview​

• A time-saving workflow and overview 

• Easy overview of error root cause 

Monitoring Tool

As Partner you get a complete overview of the performance of all your clients' solutions. The Dynamicweb Monitoring Tool gives you access to a dynamic status update on all your clients in the Cloud. More important, it gives you insights into exactly what is causing performance issues. 

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Always on top

Stay one step ahead of your customers with the Dynamicweb Monitoring Tool. Customers love fast reaction times when they experience performance issues. Try to imagine how they react, when you pinpoint both problem and solution before they even realize there is an issue? 

Detailed error overview

Visualize the health of your clients’ solutions by using the detailed Monitoring Tool error overview. This gives you an instant overview in case of problems with integrations or indexing, and lets you fix it. 

The Monitoring Tool provides an overview of errors occurring in data integration, indexing, license errors, SMTP, or application errors related to scheduling, templates or unhandled issues. 

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True Cloud offering

Focus on your core business knowing that your solution is always running. Deploy in our Cloud and experience the true joy of Dynamicweb taking care of all the technical stuff like hosting, license and monitoring.


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