PIM Project Estimator

Have you decided that you are going to implement a Product Information Management solution in your business? Then it is important to have a clear plan in place. 
A good place to start is an estimation of the hours that your PIM project is going to take up. The PIM Project Estimator gives you a ballpark estimate, based on hundreds of implementations. 
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Important variables to estimate PIM project hours

  • SKU's: A SKU is a Stock Keeping Unit. The total number of SKU's is the number of products on the lowest level, such as variants, that should be maintained in PIM. 

  • Product attributes: A product attribute is an additional characteristic of a product that is not part of the product description. The total number of product  attributes is the sum of all attributes across the product portfolio.

  • Main groups: A main group is a product group that contains sub groups, which contain products. An example off a product main group could be 'clothing'. 

  • Sub groups: Sub groups refer to the specific groups within the main groups. Following the example above: Your main group is 'male clothing'. Your sub groups could then be defined as: shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. 

  • Variant attributes: Variant attributes are present where the products are the same except they have a specific variation. Examples are sizes, colors, lengths, etc. 

  • Data sources: The number of data sources that are relevant for the import of products/attributes/variant dimensions into Dynamicweb PIM. Possible data sources could be the ERP system, suppliers' databases, etc. 

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