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NexusOne was founded by five partners in 2020 with a common ambition to create Denmark's strongest consulting house. We will soon be 25 consultants in the team and we are on a healthy growth journey.
At NexusOne, we are at eye level with our customers. And our customers' customers. We take responsibility for the business-critical digital changes and provide sparring, constructive dialogue and advise within:

Digital business development
At NexusOne, we have the sharpest brains when it comes to digital business development. Still with a fundamental understanding of the link to your core business and the challenges and potentials associated with the digital change.

We provide the advice and strong professional analysis that ensures the right framework and direction for your digital change: Digital Strategy, Concept Development, Business Consulting and Project Management.

Intelligent use of data
By collecting and analyzing relevant customer data, you gain insight into your customers' needs and preferences.

We are a leader in the handling and processing of data. We provide this knowledge for your solution and can thus add an extra layer to the digital change. We develop and implement within: Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Management and Data Integration.

Utilization of technology
The chosen technology or technologies must contribute to a smooth and intuitive customer journey. At NexusOne, our specialists therefore work independently of technologies and always keep an eye on which choice best supports your digital change. We are strong in CRM, Marketing, Automation, Digital Customer Portals and Apps.

We develop the idea. Carry out the task. Takes responsibility. And we do our best. All the way.

Our customer references spread across many industries and both public and private companies and organizations.

Want to hear more about NexusOne - and how we can contribute to your digital change. Contact us here.
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