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Boost sales in Manufacturing with eCommerce 

Dynamicweb offers a B2B and B2C eCommerce platform built for manufacturers to enable digital commerce in manufacturing. Empower your customers with customer portals for spare parts and access to their specific technical drawings.

With seamless connections into key applications like ERP, PIM and CRM you can offer the best personalized commerce and customer experience possible.


The Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite has many features allowing customers to create the best possible eCommerce experience. For our Manufacturing customers we have identified the top features: 

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Customer portals for documents and spare parts
Enable your customers to get what they need, when they need it without the need to wait to connect with their account manager. Your customers will get access to their order history, invoices, RMA, custom product info and much more. 

Pre-ordering: Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) 
Via the Dynamicweb impersonation feature you can easily help your customer by preparing a quote for them so they can check and complete the order at their convenience. This feature is key in project sales and more complex order processes. 

ERP integrated 
Integrate with your ERP to access customer specific pricing, assortments, inventory, part lists and other ERP data. Regardless of which ERP you have, Dynamicweb is able to integrate. We offer standard integration connectors to Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, D365 F&O, Business Central.

Cross-border eCommerce becomes easy 
With eCommerce allowing you to expand your business internationally, you need to be able to support regional rules, currencies, languages, and more. Dynamicweb eCommerce enables you to expand your sales region globally, making it easy to follow the regional rules and allowing you to reach a bigger audience. 



Manufacturers Success Stories 

Janis Pilgaard
Digital Manager, Ege Carpets

"Within just three months, we have generated more than 1600 relevant leads to our sales department. Dynamicweb offers a fantastic integration framework to our ERP system and our third-party systems. This improves the customer experience, and has increased our customer database by 6%."

Thava Sabanathan
Dynamics 365 Consultant, Danish Agro 

"Dynamicweb has helped us create a tone-of-voice across the different countries we service and the 15 B2B/B2C webshops we manage. Additionally, the Dynamicweb PIM enables us to enrich our sales channels with the right Product Data. The Dynamicweb cloud-based eCommerce suite has made our job much easier." 

Daniel Blicher Lauridsen
Marketing Project Manager, Lauridsen 

"With Dynamicweb, we now have a single solution with two PIM warehouses and three webshops. Every system talks to each other, and it's very important to me that I'm able to control the different companies in one place." 



Dynamicweb was listed in Forrester's report "Now Tech: Product Information Management, Q1 2020 - Forrester’s Overview Of 22 PIM Providers." 


Dynamicweb was awarded 1st place as the best eCommerce platform at the eCommerce Germany Awards, eCommerce Expo Berlin! 

Michael N on Oct 21, 2020

"Dynamicweb is a solid suite of tools that enables a business to succeed online.
The solution provides quality functionality for building Ecommerce, PIM and CMS out-of-the-box" 


An online platform you can rely on for all your eCommerce needs, build for manufacturers

At Dynamicweb, we, in close collaboration with our +300 partners, enable manufacturers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through our cloud-based eCommerce suite with industry-specific features such as: 

Customer specific portal(s) Picture

Customer specific portal(s)

Launch customer specific portals with ease based on CRM and ERP available data.

• Enable self-service where customers can research product information, download technical data sheets, see relevant part lists, etc.

• Enable the customer with customer specific pricing and customized catalogs to create a better digital customer experience. 

• With a customer portal, you enable your business to run 24/7, scale your eCommerce success and offer a better commerce experience while reducing the pressure on your sales force.

ERP-powered eCommerce built for manufacturers 

An ERP-powered eCommerce solution allows manufacturers to show custom prices and inventory in real-time to clients, and provide easy access to product information with e.g. datasheets for download. 

Dynamicweb is ideal for lead generation because its high-performing site structure is optimized to get high-ranking search results, so customers and search engines as Google can find your products online.


ERP Picture
CPQ Picture

Configure, Price, Quote  

Configure, price and quote (CPQ) are the essentials to an excellent B2B customer experience. CPQ is a sales feature to generate quotes quickly and accurately for orders.

With a CPQ application, every possible configuration, price and discount can be specified. Dynamicweb integrates to leading configurators.

Your customers will experience a personalized and convenient service only having to check and accept their pre-filled cart.


Improve eCommerce success 

To generate leads, you must deliver what your prospects expect. Today's buyers want to research, shop and order on their terms, time and device of their choice. They want self-service. By automating your business with a self-service website and maybe even a customer personalized storefront, you will meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Dynamicweb offers the right features to help manage the best possible customer experience. Starting at product data from the Product Information Management solution connected with your ERP system, going into marketplaces or your own eCommerce environment from where you can manage and automate the best possible customer experience through the Digital Marketing features Dynamicweb offers. 


Improve ecommerce success Picture
Scale Picture

Scales with your business 

No matter the structure and nature of your business, we’ve got you covered. Dynamic is built to accommodate B2B, B2C and D2C models and allows you to scale your business – easy and safe.

With real-time dashboards, you can keep a steady hand on the wheel by monitoring your site traffic, order conversion and sales. Dynamicweb's native solution runs as a scalable application in the cloud. It scales frictionless over time and during moments of peak sales. 

Built-in Product Information Management 

Help the product managers and the marketing team with the built-in product information management (PIM) solution. Use the quality report to ensure that all products carry enriched and accurate product information. Enrich product information in bulk with accurate product data coming from relevant data sources. 

Deliver the right product data to your ecosystem to enable your partners, distributors and retailers to sell via marketplaces and other sales channels. 

Utilize multiple sales channels by integrating your Dynamicweb PIM to top marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and many more with tailored assortments and prices. 

PIM Picture

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D2C eCommerce in Manufacturing

Salesforce surveyed +6.700 customers and business buyers globally and found that 76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.  

D2C business models allow manufacturers to build direct customer relations and deliver the best possible product experience, and also to experiment with sales strategies and revenue opportunities that have never been accessible before within the industry. And why is change happening now? Because the manufacturing industry needs to become accustomed to external changes and the mounting expectations of modern consumers. 



“To stay competitive in today’s eCommerce, also within the manufacturing industry, you need to adjust to changing customer behavior. A new generation of the digital native is already here expecting an online shopping experience in B2B too. It is important to make product information easy to comprehend and accessible online. The flexibility of being able to create online orders when the time is convenient saves time and increases accuracy.

Dynamicweb helps you make more money and save costs by delivering a great ERP integrated web solution for manufacturers. It helps to overcome the key challenges of creating and running an online customer experience platform and reduce the operational workload."

Jens Erik Aavild 
Product Manager, eCommerce at Dynamicweb

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Take your manufacturing website to next level

As a manufacturing company, your website must support your visitors in understanding the products and services you provide, as well as why they should choose you over your competitors. At Dynamicweb, we offer an industry-recognized eCommerce suite built for the manufacturing industry that accomplishes both of these goals.

If your manufacturing company’s site has room for improvement, we are more than happy to assist you! Our team is ready - contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your business create an informative site that can reach potential customers.

Dynamicweb's reliable platform empowers you to provide a better commerce experience that also lets you cut down on inefficient administrative tasks. You'll get benefits such as:

  • Accurate product data
    Show real-time product data from your ERP – no matter the number of spare parts you sell.
  • Stabile scalability
    All components to improve internal workflows to easily and rapidly to scale your business.
  • Customer empowerment
    Offer customer portals with self-service options that show specific pricings, invoice management and delivery tracking among others.

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