eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (NAV)

With Dynamicweb and Microsoft D365 Business Central, you can deliver personalized online shopping experiences across different channels and devices. Our D365 Business Central eCommerce solution is enterprise-ready and scalable to large eCommerce deployments for both B2B, B2C and customer self-service portals.

Complete eCommerce capabilities for Business Central

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

• 24/7 realtime self service across all online channels

• Customer-specific catalogs, prices and terms 

• Data-driven personalization for improved cross- and up-selling

Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

• Integration to D365 Business Central cloud or on premise

• Self-service for reorder, returns and order history

• Display customer-specific prices and discounts from 365

Growth Drivers

Growth Drivers​

• Operate multiple B2B and B2C stores from one platform

• Multi language, currency, payments and taxes

• Increase revenue with cross- and up-selling

Turnkey eCommerce for Business Central


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Start selling and servicing your customers online with a B2B / B2C turnkey eCommerce solution designed to integrated with Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central.


More than a connector. More than a shopping cart.

Dynamicweb brings integrated ecommerce to Dynamics 365 Business Central with a robust platform that supports global selling, B2B and B2C, segmentation, automation, abandoned cart reminders and content personalization. 

Download white paper: 7 keys to creating the best online customer experience possible

Flexible and Extensible eCommerce Integration

Dynamicweb’s connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central enables flexibility while sustaining performance. Your website customers will have real time access to inventory, historical orders and account management while your office staff can access Dynamics 365 Business Central without any performance delays.

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No ERP customization required

Our API-first connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central ensures that no additional third party code is added to your solution. Thanks to our light footprint, we can provide bi-directional access to Dynamics 365 Business Central with live and batch mode connectivity. 

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Integrate Your eCommerce with D365 Business Central

Gain operational efficiency and grow revenue by integrating your ecommerce and D365 Business Central. This whitepaper covers both Return on Investment (ROI) scenarios and which type of integration is best for each one.

Leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central to personalize experiences at scale

With Dynamicweb, your marketing team can segment customers by combining ERP customer information (products purchased, order dates, contact info) and onsite behavior (pages and products viewed, favorited, visit timestamps) to create a highly targeted list. These customers can be emailed automatically with built-in drip campaign functionality.

Watch 2-minute demo: Email Segmentation in Dynamicweb


Enrich Business Central product data like never before

With Dynamicweb's PIM, you can now easily enrich product data across multiple languages and with many types of media, and with as many product fields as you need. Deliver this enhanced content to sales people, dealers and customers in ways only before imagined.

Watch 2-minute demo: Benefit from PIM and Ecommerce in Dynamicweb

Self-service portals integrated with virtually any data point

Dynamicweb's platform supports your customers while streamlining your operations and reducing manual processes for your customer service teams. Our real time integration means that your customers can help themselves 24/7. They can place orders, generate RMA requests, view order history, reorder, and pay invoices online. 

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