Unified eCommerce and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamicweb and Experlogix have partnered to provide a connected eCommerce and Configure-Price-Quote solution that empowers customers to build their own complex orders with ease. Our robust platform supports B2B and B2C web shops, complex product configuration, pricing calculation, feature and option compatibility, and rule-based quotes with order automation.

Automate Quote-to-Order-to-Manufacture

CPQ + Ecommerce

CPQ + Ecommerce
Get omni-channel ecommerce and marketing integrated with Experlogix CPQ business logic.

More than a shopping cart

More than a shopping cart
Unite your ecommerce, local dealers and store locations with a robust platform supporting global selling, self-service, and content personalization.

Global retail

Global retail made easy
Experlogix and Dynamicweb support your international dealer and retail expansion with local languages, currencies, payments, VAT/Sales Tax and shipping methods.

Improve order conversions

Improve order conversions
Reduce quoting time, improve accuracy and empower dealers and customers to place complex orders through a portal with ease.


Intelligent targeting

Intelligent targeting
Blend ecommerce behavior and physical store data to hyper-focus automated email drip campaigns that increase sales across channels.


Integrate with ERP

Integrate with ERP​
Automate tax calculations, compliance, pricing, distribution, multi-warehouse management, demand planning and more.

Empower customers with complete self-service

The Dynamicweb and Experlogix integration empowers customers with a complete self-service environment to build complex orders and engage with your brand online. See how easily you can increase sales while improving your bottom line with an automated quote-to-order process.

Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamicweb and Experlogix integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (and other ERP/CRM solutions), to provide a completely connected quote-to-order-to-manufacture solution. With the power of CPQ and Ecommerce integrated with Dynamics 365, you can increase sales orders through your website, reduce time spent on quotes by 75%, and improve order accuracy by 33%, all without adding to your overhead costs.

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