Webinar | November 30th 2:00-3:00 pm CET

Taking Ownership of Turnkeys


Not all DynamicWeb partners are experts in integration. But no matter your profile, you can offer your customers NAV or BC integrated ecommerce solutions. You don’t need integration expertise, just basic DynamicWeb skills.
Turnkey solutions are simple but complete, and the perfect start for a wide range of ecommerce customers. And you can make turnkey solutions your own, taking your customers’ businesses and your own business to the next level.
This webinar is going to show you how. We’ll break down the approach and tackle a range of objections, giving you a clear vision of how you can confidently take ownership of doing turnkeys.
We’ll cover the following topics
➡️ What’s a turnkey solution and who is it for
➡️ What does it take to do a turnkey
➡️ Going to market with your own offering
➡️ Beyond turnkey (and why you don’t have to worry)

Who should join this webinar?

Any DynamicWeb partner, no matter your profile, ready to take your business to the next level
Your host
  Brian Boyles
Presales and Partner Enablement Consultant

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