Dynamicweb Swift 1.1 | Nov. 25th at 1:00 PM CET 

Dynamicweb Swift release

Web- and eCommerce projects can be lengthy, complex, challenging projects. Dynamicweb Swift reduces this immensely by offering best practice based, good looking, design templates that empower you to go live fast.


Get your new eCommerce storefront the fast way

We're thrilled to host the Dynamicweb Swift 1.1 release webinar to share the newest functionalities and improvements.

Not only is Dynamicweb Swift delivered with design templates that ensure a better user experience on all devices, but it is also built with performance in mind. Swift is developed according to all the latest best practices. Ranging from SEO tools, to front and backend user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) and to the latest Google Lighthouse for performance and accessibility!

Dynamicweb Swift is a plug-and-play standard solution which allows you to create beautiful mobile-friendly websites. It is fast and easy to build eCommerce sites on Dynamicweb for both B2C and B2B using configuration and almost no coding. With Swift, you get:

📱 Mobile first: responsive, scaleable and content resilient rendering ensures a painless mobile experience.
💯 Lighthouse 95+ points: performance optimized implementation to help with customer retention
📝 SEO is built-in using content and product data
🎨 Build designed pages using visual drag and drop to create your content
🏆 Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG): Level AA compliance, making your web content more accessible
🌐 World Wide Web (W3C) validated following website formatting standards

Join this release webinar to get the full introduction to Dynamicweb Swift hosted by Product Manager of Swift, Jennifer Johansen and Product Specialist, Nicolai Gosvig.

Key takeaways:

  • Why, how & what is Dynamicweb Swift?
  • Presentation and walkthrough of the product
  • Swift Demo: learn how to easily compelling content 

Webinar date: November 25th at 1:00 PM CET

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Jennifer Johansen
Product Manager, Swift
Nicolai Gosvig
Product Specialist