Use Gamification to grow your B2B Ecommerce

Discover how to use Gamification to capture data to improve the digital experience and increase conversions.

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Join this webinar to learn how to capture data from gamification campaigns and how to utilize it to grow your B2B Ecommerce. 

We’ve invited Andreas Fabricius, VP of Commercial Excellence at LeadFamly, to share his expertise on how to capture new leads, engage existing contacts, and drive omnichannel sales using Gamification in B2B Ecommerce. 

Data that your customers provide is the most transparent data that your business can receive and Gamification is a proven strategy to capture that data.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 40-minute webinar:

  • How to find new customers, partners and/or leads with the help of gamification
  • See great B2B Ecommerce success stories from different industries
  • Get practical tips for improving your digital experience and increasing conversions utilizing data from Gamification campaigns

Your speakers

Andreas Fabricius
VP, Commercial Excellence

Christian Beer

About LeadFamly
LeadFamly offers game-based lifecycle marketing software on a subscription basis, enabling companies in any industry to successfully connect, engage, and grow business anywhere in the customer lifecycle.

About Dynamicweb
Dynamicweb offers a unique Cloud-based unified commerce solution delivering the only platform combining PIM, CMS, Ecommerce, and Marketing combined in one system.


May 26, 10:00
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