Succeed with your online B2B business: Combine your Ecommerce, PIM, and CMS

Discover the Dynamicweb Business Suite and how it makes your marketing and product managers succeed

Don’t waste time copy-pasting your product data and Ecommerce data because of operating in separate platforms. Instead, combine your digital business in one solution and increase overall efficiency. 

Discover the benefits of having a single solution for your digital business. You no longer need 3 or 4 different systems to manage your PIM, Ecommerce, marketing and CMS and now have the possibility to personalize the user experience based on transaction and ERP data. 

Join our webinar and discover how the Dynamicweb Business Suite simplifies your Ecommerce and Digital marketing efforts – making your marketing and product manager teams more efficient in promoting product recommendations and distributing product data across channels.

Dynamicweb Product specialist, Nikolaj Rasmussen, guides you through the Dynamicweb Business Suite and how you can use it to succeed with your online B2B business:

  • Integrated Ecommerce: Have your Ecommerce solution in the same platform as your product enrichment and marketing
  • Product Information Management integrated to your ERP system and external channels
  • Email Marketing personalized via transaction data and the PIM
  • Personalized content management based on platform and user data

Get rid of the manual processes - See why Millarco chose the Dynamicweb Business Suite


Nikolaj Rasmussen
Nikolaj Rasmussen
Dynamicweb Software A/S
Mar 31, 14:00
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