Rapido 3.3 Release webinar

Rapido version 3.3 was released March 5th. Join this webinar for a full presentation and demo of all the latest features and improvements.

Join in and see what's new
Rapido Product Manager, Jennifer Johansen, will guide you through the newest features and improvements.  

Release headlines: 

  • Rapido content model – Visual editor - "What you see is what you get"
    • Visual editor is a tool in Dynamicweb empowering the user to create content pages in a more visual approach. Rapido has made a content model that supports the new grid system, which will let you work with Rows & Columns building blocks.
  • Variant matrix
    • It is an easy way for the user to add quantities on multiple variants quickly and add it to their cart. The variant matrix is updated on the product page and now it can also now be enabled in the checkout.
  • Design
    • The entire customer center area has been updated with a newer design layout, going for a simpler and softer look.

👀 Sneakpeak of the new Visual Content Model 👀

The screenshots are from the Rapido content model using the Visual editor in Dynamicweb. 

What is Dynamicweb Rapido?
Dynamicweb Rapido is a framework which is designed as a platform for rapid implementation and prototyping.

It comes with a set of configuration options and designs which increase implementation efficiency and quality - less coding, more configuration. It also features a best-practice Ecommerce implemenation and standard integration to Dynamics NAV. 

Read more about the Dynamicweb Rapido Framework tool at our documentation portal.

Jennifer Johansen
Jennifer Johansen
Dynamicweb Software A/S
Apr 16, 10:00
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