How and why to use PIM Channels

Join this Dynamicweb PIM webinar to learn how to work with PIM Channels.

Our PIM Consultant, Søren Jensen, will show how to work with Channels and educate you on why you should do it. During the webinar, Søren will run through:

  • Benefits of using PIM Distribution channels 
  • What are the Channels & Feeds used for
  • Live demo of using InDesign/EasyCatalog through PIM Channels

Additionally, here are three good reasons why you should use PIM Channels:

  • Control correct products to distribute
  • Organizing Products meet requirement
  • Sorting products individually by grouping

Søren will of course answer any questions you may have after the webinar. 

Søren  Jensen
Søren Jensen
Nov 11, 14:00
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