How dynamic pricing and monitoring gives you market insights and higher profit in e-commerce!

Imagine if you had information about how your competitors are pricing their products and instantly can react by changing your prices to win the customer. 
With PriceShape you can easily control your own and your competitors’ prices. The Pricing robot generates information from 10 million different products and brands. The algorithms efficiently automate pricing decisions and your business can revenue growth and maximize profit. Whether you are a brand owner or reseller, pricing monitoring tools are must-have in combination with e-commerce. 
PriceShape and Dynamicweb invite you to attend this webinar, where we will share our knowledge about: 
  • How you via Price Monitoring automatically can track the prices of any product on any online store.
  • How Price Comparison can help you identify:
    • New trends
    • Which products/services must be cheaper
    • Who of your competitors are more expensive
  • How Dynamic pricing and repricing let you define your pricing strategies identifying which products can go up / down in price, and get these prices changed in your e-commerce solution
  • How to use price monitoring to automatically track and analyze data of any product from any store
  • How to create price strategies that automatically adjust your prices on your webshop based on your price rules
  • How to use price monitoring to optimize your marketing budgets on Google Shopping as a key indicator in your bidding strategy 
  • How resellers can get a complete overview over there resellers' prices, stock status, and price history.
Meet your speakers

Christian Beer 

Frederik Christiansen
PriceShape A/S


About PriceShape
PriceShape is a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivering competitor insights for e-commerce companies. They primarily help webshops streamlining their pricing strategy based on competitor data, including Prices, Stock, and Assortment. With PriceShape, you get a complete overview of competitors' prices through their intelligent dashboard with daily updates through price monitoring, improving decision-making related to pricing strategies.
Oct 06, 14:00
Online webinar
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