Dynamicweb Rapido 3.0 release webinar

Our implementation methodology called Rapido is now available in a brand new 3.0 release. It features a bunch of new content, ecommerce and marketing features for attracting, converting and retaining customers online.

Release webinar

Join our 30-minute release webinar for a full presentation and demo of all the new features and capabilities including the following headlines:

✔️ Website settings in categorized tabs
✔️ Video background on pages
✔️ Notification overlays (pop-ups)
✔️ Loyalty Points and Point Shop
✔️ Extensibility points for templates

Dynamicweb + Rapido = the power couple

Dynamicweb is the market leading platform combining Ecommerce, CMS, Marketing and PIM. Rapido is our implementation methodology that help you get the platform implemented. Combined, it’s your new solution ready to accelerate your digital business.

Jennifer Johansen
Jennifer Johansen
Dec 14, 13:00
Online webinar
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