45 Dynamicweb features in 45 minutes

It’s a classic – and you know it! 

The title probably seems familiar to anyone within the Dynamicweb partner network.

For those of you who doesn’t know it, it’s pretty simple. Dynamicweb CTO, Nicolai Pedersen, will speed-talk 45 Dynamicweb features in 45 minutes. So this is your chance to experience all the best + latest features from the different areas of the Dynamicweb platform.  

About this webinar

The “45 features in 45 minutes” webinar is a recap of the Dynamicweb Summit 2018 session. Some of the features introduced requires technical knowledge about the Dynamicweb backend.

Nicolai Pedersen
Nicolai Pedersen
Jan 24, 13:00
Online webinar
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