Welcome to Dynamicweb 9.3

Dynamicweb 9.3 is now available for download and features a brand new PIM system, implementation framework, deployment tool, dashboards, frontend grid and view models + a whole bunch of other great features and capabilities.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 31.08.2017, 08:00
Welcome to Dynamicweb 9.3

Dynamicweb PIM

The new Product Information Management lets you manage and enrich your product portfolio from central location, using queries, multi-edit across languages and variants, intuitive language management and much more.

Customizable Dashboards

Available for PIM, Ecommerce & and the Home area. Use customizable widgets to display key data and KPIs – and use the Query widgets to e.g. set up a visual representation of PIM workflows.

Deployment tool, Load Balancing & Indexing

Has been improved, and can now move content (websites, pages, paragraphs & items) from one solution to another.

Additionally, Load Balancing has been reintroduced, with support for any number of nodes and full Ecommerce support, new antispam and security measures have been introduced, and view models for the cart and navigation mean a goodbye to XSLT (score!).

The Indexing engine now features a new FileIndexBuilder and a reworked ContentIndexBuilder capable of replacing the Search Weighted app.

Improved user experience

On the UX front, the general UI has been updated with wider trees, a crisper look and a nicer general feel, the Indexing engine has been overhauled so it looks nicer and is easier to use. We’ve also included a beta-version of a Grid engine capable of visually representing e.g. Bootstrap grids when working with content.


Finally, performance has seen significant improvements with a major overhaul of the “content services” for pages, paragraphs and items – and more than 44 bugs, 94 feature requests, and 1300 PBIs are included.

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