New partnership between Dynamicweb and Braintree

Dynamicweb and Braintree, the consulting and integration division of Vox, join forces to revolutionize the South African market and to add value for the customer by providing a fully integrated ecommerce solution.
Written on 20.11.2019, 09:00
New partnership between Dynamicweb and Braintree

Braintree is the largest Microsoft Dynamics company in Africa with over 25 years of successful implementations experience. Given Braintree’s strong commitment to the Microsoft brand and in particular Dynamics, the syngies between Dynamicweb and Braintree were obvious. Hence, Braintree decided to invest and partner with Dynamicweb. Braintree’s intention is to provide customers with the best measures for a fully integrated business management and ecommerce solution.

“We launched to Braintree customers and the response was overwhelming,” said Heath Huxtable, Head of Braintree.

“The Dynamicweb platform is a game changer for organisations embarking on a Digital Transformation journey to become true ecommerce businesses and is a much-needed addition to our solution offering.”  

Braintree expands their offerings

For more than 25 years, Braintree has implemented ERP and CRM systems and is recognised as one of the leading implementers of business management systems integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP family. Braintree is now expanding its services from management systems to include ecommerce with a specific focus on both B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions.

The management of product information in organisations is becoming as important as the products themselves. A dramatic enabler for organisations to provide consistent, uniform and immediate product information across all their channels is the process of digital transformation of information.

“After numerous conversations with our clients, we realised that very few had a platform to effectively digitise their business to what I refer to as true ecommerce,” said Neville Levinthal, Head of Business Development at Braintree. 

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Dynamicweb expands to a new market

Brede Bjerke, Vice President of Sales at Dynamicweb, added: “Leading up to the formation of the partnership, we identified that the market targeted by Braintree needed to evolve, in line with the continuous digitisation of businesses in South Africa."

“By working together, we can create and offer customer-specific product information management, ecommerce, and ERP solutions, as well as great new offerings that will enable Braintree and Dynamicweb to further entrench themselves in the local market.

“There is no doubt that the new partnership is a huge advantage for us. Not only because Braintree is a rising star in South Africa’s Dynamics channel, but also because they have a strong commitment to being extremely customer centric with the aim to create a significant return on investment for their customers. That is definitely something we would like to support and be a part of.” Brede concludes.

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