New office in Norway!

Dynamicweb is ready to expand even more in the Norwegian market with new employees and new offices!
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 22.09.2017, 08:00
New office in Norway!

Meet the Norwegian team

Leader of sales is Steffen Breen, who came to Dynamicweb in September from consulting company Knowit, where he worked as sales and marketing manager for almost 4 years.

In October, Henning Gundersen arrives from Making Waves, where he worked as a senior architect for just over 7 years and has strong experience within CMS, e-commerce and development.

The last man in the team is a known face for many who have had contact with Dynamicweb over the years. Frank Robert Lagercranz, has worked as a business developer for over 3 years in Dynamicweb. 

October 1st, they will all move into the new office in Karl Johans gate 8.

In an exciting market, where more and more companies want to relate to a platform, where everything is under the same roof, and with an interface that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. Dynamicweb is a breath of fresh air with an all in-one platform with the ability to control all processes from online shopping to marketing.

This makes it even more important to have a local presence in Norway, so we can meet partners and customers where they are, with a message that things does not need be technically heavy in order to get a comprehensive solution that helps to digitize the processes.


     Dynamicweb Norway
     Karl Johans gate 8
     0154 Oslo

     Steffen Breen
     Sales Manager
     +47 932 20 230