New Google requirements to mobile-friendliness

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21 2015.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 03.03.2015, 09:30
New Google requirements to mobile-friendliness

How does it affect my website?

A significant increase in mobile searches will introduce new changes to Google’s search algorithms on April 21 2015, as the company will increase the ranking of sites that are mobile-friendly much higher. According to the company, the changes will have a “significant impact” on all mobile searches in all languages worldwide, but as a result, Google says that users will find higher quality results.

These changes are great news for mobile users, as Google already started highlighting mobile-friendly sites in results last year. However, it will pose a serious challenge to those still not running a mobile-friendly website. 

Is your website ready for the new changes? 

Use the Google mobile-friendly test or check out the official information from Google. Still have questions about the new changes, or want to know more about how to fulfill the new requirements? Then feel free to contact us by using the form below.