Is your website ready for April 21?

All that talk about mobile friendliness and new Google search rankings probably makes you wonder if your website is mobile friendly, and how it performs on different platforms.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 11.03.2015, 09:30
Is your website ready for April 21?

Google will begin ranking mobile-friendly sites higher starting April 21
Last week we wrote about how Google will introduce a new mobile-friendly algorithm determining your search ranks according to your mobile friendliness. The flip side of that is that websites that aren't friendly to smartphones and tablets risk sliding down the search-engine rankings. No matter how rich, sparkling and informative the content on a website, the website will suffer a penalty if the content isn't optimized on a mobile device.

Test your website
If you are still worrying whether your website succeeds the new Google demands, then here is a couple of useful and easy-to-use tools for you:

  • ‚ÄčThe Google mobile-friendly test
    If it says non-mobile-friendly in red letters, then you should revise your website before the end of April, or risk losing valuable traffic from Google.
  • Quirktools
    Google might approve your mobile-friendliness, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it looks good. Use this tool to test your website in different resolutions.
  • Treehouse Blog
    What is the difference between Static, Liquid, Adaptive, or Responsive layout, and which one should you use? Get an understand of what these terms mean and when each type of layout should be utilized.

What about ecommerce mobility?
Mobile ecommerce site owners has two considerations: smartphones and tablets. The whole concept of your mobile ecommerce rendering properly on a mobile device is much easier on a tablet than a smartphone, but if you do not already offer different versions of your site, this is the year to do it or get left behind. Dynamicweb fully supports ecommerce mobility; both mobile adaptation of your existing ecommerce, mobile ecommerce and responsive design.