Introducing the new and improved Dynamicweb 8.5

Another major step towards becoming the leading All-in-One platform for Content Management, Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Integration.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 26.08.2014, 09:30
Introducing the new and improved Dynamicweb 8.5

Welcome to Dynamicweb 8.5

The new release is another major Dynamicweb step towards becoming the leading All-in-One platform on the market. It contains improved scalability and flexibility geared towards larger and enterprise solutions, and users can benefit from advanced ecommerce functionalities, improved digital marketing opportunities and technology improvements.

Release headlines

  • Powerful email personalization
    Personalization of emails based on different criteria. Use smart searches to define which paragraphs of your email are shown to which users. 

  • Assortments
    Set up different assortments for individual users or user groups, to define which products that are available in the shop for the given user. 

  • Quotes for B2B or complex sales
    Quoting, often used in complex B2B scenarios, let your customers place a quote that later can be modified and turned into an order.

  • Recommendation (BETA)
    Provide relevant product recommendation based on customer buying habits, without manually having to identify which products are related. 
    Contact Dynamicweb if you would like to participate in the Beta program

+ Easy handling of product information with PIM integration framework
+ New and improved smart search capabilities
+ SMS delivery capabilities
+ New standard templates for implementers
+ New capabilities and ease of use improvements
+ 50 bug fixes

Visit our Developer Network for more information about the new release, or contact us if you are interested in upgrading your current Dynamicweb solution.