Dynamicweb Partner Awards 2014

Dynamicweb is proud to announce the winners of the Partner Awards 2014.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 06.03.2014, 09:30
Dynamicweb Partner Awards 2014

Co3, Danish Partner of the Year 2013

“Co3 has efficiently demonstrated an outstanding ability to incorporate and to utilize the full range of Dynamicweb Software solutions in both small and large-scale projects.  Co3 has championed the effort with a loyal partnership and a dedicated team of employees, who manages the fine art of reducing complexity while maximizing standards. The combined effort enables Co3 to deliver highly competent and profitable solutions to its customers, and therefore deserves the title.”

Capo, Swedish Partner of the Year 2013

“Capo has grown to become a complete full service digital agency, with a unique understanding of the Dynamicweb Software specter. Capo succeeds in combining standard features with complex functions in customized solutions, which continues to exceed customer expectations. Especially Klondike will remain a perfect example of Capo’s applicable ingenuity, and it explains why Capo has become an attractive Dynamicweb Software partner in the Swedish market.”

Innovadis, Dutch Partner of the Year 2013

“Innovadis has worked consistently with an increased focus on Dynamicweb Software over the last years. The effort has proven its worth, especially as license revenue in 2013 has grown with more than 200% compared to 2012, but it has also generated a whole range of interesting customers and innovative solutions. The ongoing process has manifested Innovadis as an important player in the Dutch software market, but also as an inspiring and valuable partner in the worldwide Dynamicweb Software network.”

Falkweb, Norwegian Partner of the Year 2013

”Falkweb is a progressive and dedicated partner, who manages to combine technological and creative excellence with a very loyal and structured approach. These qualities have led to an impressive amount of signings, since Falkweb became an official Dynamicweb Software Partner in 2012.”

Norriq, Global Solution of the Year 2013

“Norriq effectively delivers comprehensive 360’ solutions capable of complying with every customer need. Full integration and exploitation of features and functions ensures high performance products demonstrating the full effect of the Dynamicweb Software.”

SHRPA, Rising Star 2013

“SHRPA is unquestionably a rising star with a comprehensive palette of qualities, clearly resembling the essence of the Dynamicweb All in One platform. SHRPA has a strong sense of identifying the critical factor in every software solution, which guarantees a persistent product that fully complies with customer needs.”

Valued developer:

Anders Ebdrup, Smartpage. "Pushing Dynamicweb to the limits and providing valuable input to the software"


Valued implementer:

Nuno Arguir, Dynamicweb Portugal. "Knowing all corners of Dynamicweb and providing great ideas and input for the system"

Valued community member:

Morten Bengtson, Bleau. "Participating actively in the community providing valuable answers to other developers"

Great case descriptions:

Martin Nielsen, Co3 & Adrian Ursu, Dynamicweb Romania. "Providing great and thorough case descriptions with good input”